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Title: Jerusalem without God: Portrait of a Cruel City

Date Published: November 27, 2017

On November 16, 2017, Paola Caridi gave a talk on her new book, Jerusalem without God: Portrait of a Cruel City, which draws upon her decade of living and working in the city to explore the complex nature of Jerusalem today. Paola described a once unified city that has only seen its greatest divisions in recent history. “It is [now] a human body where the ongoing conflict has changed the parameters of coexistence, moving from open and shared social spaces to closed social spaces where access is limited to ethno-religious affiliations,” she stated. Using maps to delineate her points, Paola highlighted Jerusalem’s geographical transformations, noting how the redrawing of borders over the years has consequently changed the nature of life and concept of identity for city-dwellers. However, despite her recognition that the city’s dynamic has significantly changed with the Israel-Palestine conflict, Paola expressed her hope for “a just and lasting peace, and a one and shared Jerusalem.”

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