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Title: Palestinian Christians in the Holy Land

Date Published: December 17, 2018

In September 12, of 2018 ACMCU and CCAS co-presented an international panel on the subject of Palestinian Christians in the Holy Land. For this event, ACMCU and CCAS hosted three distinguished panelists, whose work and mission to foster a positive dialogue, as well as to promote peace and interfaith unity in the Holy Land was without equal. Our guests included Bishop Emeritus of the Evangelical Church in Jordan and the Holy Land Bishop Dr. Munib A. Younan, President of the Arab American Institute Dr. James Zogby, and Telos Group Executive Director and Co-Founder Todd Deatherage. The panel was also joined by guest discussant Fr. Drew Christiansen and and moderated by Dr. Yvonne Haddad.

These internationally recognized experts and leaders took part in a series of dialogues structured to touch on issues related to Palestinian Christians in the Holy Land, peace and unity efforts underway in the region, as well as on historic and contemporary issues facing the region and world.