Engy Abdelkader

Senior Fellow (Faculty)

Engy Abdelkader is faculty at Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service where she teaches courses on international terrorism and human rights as well as civil liberties and national security.

An award-winning attorney and scholar, she has worked with Muslims, Arabs and South Asians since 9/11 to address Islamophobia. Her research and writing explores religious freedom challenges confronting American Muslims, European Muslims and Burmese Rohingya, among others.

The author of When Islamophobia Turns Violent:  The 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections, Abdelkader’s legal scholarship has been published in the Fordham International Law Journal, Asian American Law Journal at Berkeley Law and the UCLA Journal of Islamic and Near Eastern Law, among others. Her popular writing has appeared in TIME, CNN, Christian Science Monitor, Huffington Post, and other news outlets.

Abdelkader holds two U.S. law degrees including credentials from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, where she served as a Constitutional Law teaching fellow and graduated with academic distinction.