Evangelicals and Muslims at ACMCU

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GLF 2009 featured an honest conversation between Muslims and Evangelicals about their deepest differences as well as shared values and concerns. The forum sought to equip participants with a practical perspective for understanding those of another faith. It was composed of three conversations, organized thematically around the concepts of respect, reconciliation and religious freedom.

The first panel examined the sources for mutual understanding and respect in each tradition. The second featured an examination of the term ‘reconciliation,’ both on the deep theological, cultural and political differences between the two great traditions, and on the common points of agreement which could become the beginning of a larger reconciling process. The third conversation was a frank discussion of religious freedom. What happens in Muslim countries if a Muslim converts to Christianity, and alternatively how have Muslims perceived and experienced Christian missionaries in Muslim countries? How are Muslims treated in Christian majority countries, especially related to the construction of new mosques?

In the end, we hope that the day assisted participants to better understand the issues that divide--and connect these two great traditions—and enabled pastors and imams to bring back new insights to their congregations.