Khadeega Gafar

Visiting Researcher

Khadeega Gafar is a graduate student in the Department of Islamic Philosophy at Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt. With the aid of the visiting research program at ACMCU, she is writing a thesis on the “historiography of Islamic Philosophy in the Oriental and Arab scholarship”. In her research, she is examining the complicated process, through which the history of Islamic philosophy has been compiled from the mid nineteenth century to the late twentieth century. She analyzes and compare between different paradigms, views and methodologies that were employed by Arab and orientalists in tracing the history of Islamic philosophy.

After receiving her medical degree in 2004 from Ain shams University, Cairo, Egypt, she earned a B.A. in Islamic and Arabic Studies at Cairo University in 2009. During her formal years of education, she fostered her Studies by attending informal traditional Islamic Studies at Al-Azhar Mosque and reading Islamic texts with al-Azhar traditional scholars. She also worked as a research manager in a project for Quranic Studies in Cairo. Her research interests include history of Islamic Ethics, historiography of Islamic Philosophy, Arab Philosophical texts, and Ethics and Legislation.