Muhammad Rafique

Visiting Researcher

Muhammad Rafique is a PhD Scholar of International Relations of National Defense University Islamabad, Pakistan. Course Work and Comprehensive Exam of PhD completed with 3.90 GPA. He is a former visiting PhD scholar at Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University, Washington D.C. (2015). He is working on his thesis titled: New Dimensions of Anti-Americanism and its Impact on Pak-US Relations in 21st Century. He is working to publish a book and has 5 research publications, over 50 newspaper articles, and many others analytical papers to his credit. He has 15 years experience of academic, research, teaching, administration, organization and management as a regular employee. He has organized 15 international and 55 national level seminars and workshops during the last 6 years and has also attended over 60 seminars and workshops within the last 15 years. He has presented his research papers in various occasions. The scholar has a M.Phil, Degree in Media Sciences, (thesis: US IMAGE IN PAKISTAN MEDIA), Master degree in Mass Comm, Master Degree in History, Master Degree in Islamic and Religious Studies, PGD, IT Course.

His area of interests includes National and International Politics, Islamic History and contemporary global politics, Global Political Issues, Domestic and Global Media Analysis, Pak US Relations, Political Islam, Discourse Analysis of Anti-Americanism, Foreign Policy, Trade Relations, Human Development, National Security, National Objectives and Interests, International Political Economy, Theories of International Relations, Research Methodology in Social Sciences, International Culture, Societies and Literature, de-radicalization of the society through mystic and Sufism mode of the religions, Sufism, as source of de-radicalization, Non Violent Islam, Internal Conflicts, Interfaith and Intra-Faith Harmony.