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Title: Iran Takes a Conservative Turn

Shireen T. Hunter

Iran Takes a Conservative Turn

In 2018, Donald Trump withdrew from the JCPOA and adopted a policy of maximum pressure. While Iran continued to observe the JCPOA, the country’s economy suffered, as did Iranian reformists. As a result, hardliners took control of the legislative and executive branches in the 2021 Elections. While the Biden Administration has been severely critical of Trump’s Iran policy, they have essentially followed the same policies. Now a more intractable conservative government in Iran is unwilling to accept American demands without getting significant and verifiable sanctions relief. Iran’s future and regional outlook have become more clouded than ever before.


Muslims on the Margins Book Talk Graphic

In this talk about their new book, Muslims on the Margins: Creating Queer Religious Community in North America (NYU Press, 2023), Professor Katrina Daly Thompson tells the story of progressive…

The Womens Mosque of America Lecture

In this talk, Tazeen M. Ali discusses her recent book The Women's Mosque of America: Authority & Community in US Islam, published with NYU Press in November 2022.

Mouin Rabbani speaking within Georgetown University's Center for Contemporary Arab Studies

Join ACMCU, The MENA Forum, Georgetown University Qatar, and the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies CCAS) in welcoming Co-editor of Jadaliyya Magazine Mouin Rabbani for a conversation on the state…