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Since the renaming of the Center in 2006 through the end of the 2015−2016 Academic Year, Center faculty have published 66 books and monographs, 672 articles and chapters, given 1285 presentations outside of the classroom, and participated in 1245 media interviews. Many of the Center’s faculty publications have been translated into foreign languages, among them: Albanian, Arabic, Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia, Bengali, Chinese, Danish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Persian, Serbian, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish, Uighur and Urdu.

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Oxford Islamic Studies Online: The Essential Reference for Islamic Studies

An authoritative, dynamic online resource for students, scholars, government officials, community groups, and librarians, Oxford Islamic Studies Online brings together the best current scholarship in the field and promotes accurate and informed understanding of the Islamic world. This fully integrated resource features reference content and commentary by renowned scholars in areas such as global Islamic history, concepts, people, practices, politics, and culture, and will be regularly updated as new content is commissioned and approved under the guidance of the Editor in Chief, John L. Esposito.

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