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Title: Book Talk | Muslims on the Margins

Muslims on the Margins Book Talk Graphic

Book Talk | Muslims on the Margins

In this talk about their new book, Muslims on the Margins: Creating Queer Religious Community in North America (NYU Press, 2023), Professor Katrina Daly Thompson tells the story of progressive Muslims’ even more radical descendants: nonconformists who have reinterpreted their religion and created space for queer, trans, and nonbinary identities within Islam. Thompson draws extensively from conversations and interviews conducted both in person in North America and online in several international communities. Centering the real experiences and diverse perspectives of nonconformist Muslims, Thompson illustrates how these radical Muslims are forming a community dedicated to creative reinterpretations of their religion, critical questioning of established norms, expansive inclusion of those who are queer in various ways, and the creation of different religious futures. Muslims on the Margins is a powerful account of how Muslims are forging new traditions and setting precedents for a more inclusive community— one that is engaged with tradition but not beholden to it.


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