• ACMCU New Research Project on Islamophobia Launches

    ACMCU New Research Project on Islamophobia Launches

    Based in Georgetown University’s Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, The Bridge Initiative is a multi-year research project that connects the academic study of Islamophobia with the public square.

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    Dr. Maher Hathout

    Remembering Maher Hathout (1936-2015)

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  • 2014 ACMCU Building Bridges Award Recipients

    2014 ACMCU Building Bridges Award Recipients

    The Annual ACMCU Building Bridges of Understanding Award recognizes individuals who have dedicated their life’s work to fostering greater understanding between faith groups.

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  • ACMCU Occasional Papers series:

    ACMCU Occasional Papers series:

    "Tunisia at the Crossroads: An Interview with Sheikh Rachid al-Ghannouchi" by Noureddine Jebnoun

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  • 2013 AAR Presidential Address

    2013 AAR Presidential Address

    "Islam in the Public Square" by John L. Esposito

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  • ACMCU Occasional Paper Series

    ACMCU Occasional Paper Series

    ACMCU Occasional Papers series: "The Regional and International Politics of Rising Sectarian Tensions in the Middle East and South Asia" by Dr. Shireen T. Hunter

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  • A Common Word

    A Common Word

    On April 24, 2013 ACMCU held it's annual conference: A Common Word

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  • "The Challenges Facing Post-Revolutionary Egypt"

    "The Challenges Facing Post-Revolutionary Egypt"

    On November 28th, 2012 ACMCU hosted Dr. Abdel-Moneim Abol Fotouh for a discussion titled "The Challenges Facing Post-Revolutionary Egypt".

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  • ACMCU event videos are now available on Vimeo

    ACMCU event videos are now available on Vimeo

    ACMCU event videos are now available on Vimeo. Above, authors Monica Toft and Timothy Shah discuss their book "God's Century" (September 13, 2011).

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  • Dr. John L. Esposito

    Dr. John L. Esposito

    A Welcome Note from ACMCU Founding Director Dr. John L. Esposito

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  • Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina

    Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina

    This bridge in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, has come to symbolize the divide in the city: to the west live Catholic Croats; to the east, Bosnian Muslims.

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The Latest From ACMCU

Egypt: Terror in the Name of State Security
John L. Esposito
Middle East Eye
As stunning and outrageous as the recent mass trial and death sentences handed down for Muhammad Morsi - Egypt's first democratically elected president - and dozens of leading members of his outlawed Freedom and Justice Party are, they come as no surprise.

A visionary Muslim speaks: Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool (Video)
Town and Gown
University of Southern California
ACMCU Distinguished Scholar in Residence Amb. Ebrahim Rasool speaks at "For the Love of Tomorrow - Peace: The Challenge for a New Paradigm"

Learn more about the The Hassan Hathout Legacy Foundation here

ACMCU co-sponsored overseas conference:
Developing a multilateral approach to freedom of religion or belief: a European perspective
Feb 9 - 11, 2015
Wilton Park
This dialogue will provide an opportunity to bring together a range of expertise to help inform European policymakers as they develop ideas for further foreign policy cooperation on freedom of religion or belief in dialogue with transatlantic partners.

Learn more here

Why We Need the Islamic Call to Prayer at American Universities
Jordan Denari
Huffington Post
Since Duke's decision last week to not broadcast the call to prayer from its chapel steeple -- prompted by Islamophobic rhetoric and threats against Duke's Muslim community -- the national discussion around the incident has centered around questions of pluralism and religion in the public space. 

Generalising about the Arab Spring is playing with fire
John L. Esposito
Middle East Eye
Ahistorical portrayals of the Arab uprisings fail to capture the political transformations afoot – and worse, perpetuate a false need for security and stability when institutional reform is the solution.

كاتب ومحلل أمريكي لـ"الصباح": "الاسلاموفوبيا" ستستمر باستمرار مصالح الغرب في الشرق الأوسط
Nathan Lean
Tunisian Assabah newspaper

Let's Not Fall for the Terrorists' Trap (Again)
John L. Esposito & Dalia Mogahed
Huffington Post
The slaughter of French journalists as well as French Jews and Muslims by terrorists is unconscionable and has rightly provoked outrage.

Charlie Hebdo: Ending the Cycle of Violence
Shireen Hunter
Lobelog Foreign Policy 
The attack on the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, by Muslim extremists reportedly affiliated with or sympathizing with al-Qaeda, is symptomatic of the many ills afflicting Muslim immigrant communities in France and other European countries.

Letter from the Editor - Oxford Islamic Studies Online
John L. Esposito
Oxford Islamic Studies Online
One of the most renowned scholars in the field of Islamic studies in the United States, Editor in Chief John L. Esposito provides a regular commentary for visitors to the site

Mubarak's acquittal: what it means for Egypt's revolution
Emad Shahin
Middle East Eye 
Despite the bitter symbolic defeat, Mubarak’s acquittal presents an opportunity for protesters to redraw the lines of Egypt’s ongoing struggle and rise up again.

Confusing Democracy with Terrorism: A Region in Transition
John L. Esposito
The Islamic Monthly
The euphoria and promise of the “Arab Uprising” or “Arab Spring” have given way to what many refer to as “Arab Winter” rather than a “Arab Spring”. 

The questionable trial of Anwar Ibrahim
John L. Esposito & John O. Voll
Al Jazeera Opinion
Anwar Ibrahim is in the Malaysian Federal Court this week for what hopefully is the last chapter in a sordid affair that has done nothing but distract him from his reform agenda.

“Misquoting Muhammad..." (Video)
Jonathan Brown
IIIT Media
Prof. Jonathan Brown delivered a talk about his latest book, “Misquoting Muhammad: The Challenge and Choices of Interpreting the Prophet’s Legacy,” and engaged the audience in a very lively discussion about various issues covered in the book.

Muslim Movement Accepts Once-Taboo Causes  by Gillian Flaccus 
Yvonne Haddad
A small but growing number of American Muslims are challenging the long-standing interpretations of Islam that defined their parents' world.

Iraq's Disintegration Would be Contagious and Destabilizing
Shireen T. Hunter
Payvan Iran News
When the Soviet Union fell in 1991, there was hope that a main barrier to implementing the principles enshrined in the United Nations Charter and creating a more law-based international system and order had been removed, offering the chance that states, both great and small, would endeavor to organize their relations on the basis of law and principle and not sheer power and ambition.

What Iran Wants in Iraq and Why
Shireen T. Hunter
Payvan Iran News
For some time, the problems of Iraq and indeed of all of the Middle East have been blamed on Iran for its interference and meddling, especially for exporting its ideology and attempting to establish hegemony over the region.

The Real Causes of Iraq's Problems
Shireen T. Hunter
Payvan Iran News
​The beleaguered Prime Minister of Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki, is the latest in the long list of the West’s favorite political leaders turned into pariahs.

2013 AAR Presidential Address: Islam in the Public Square  
John L. Esposito
Journal of the American Academy of Religion
The study of world religions and the role of religion in politics and the public square have been transformed by the globalization of communications and travel

Jihad: Holy or Unholy War? 
John L. Esposito
The concept and practice of jihad have been critical in the history of Islam.

Egypt: A new banana republic?
John L. Esposito
Al Jazeera English
The military-led removal of Mohamed Morsi belies free and fair elections, rule of law and human rights.

Mubarak Redux: Egypt's Military Coup Unmasked
John L. Esposito
Huffington Post
The Arab Spring with uprisings that signaled a desire for a new way forward, an overthrow of the established order in many Arab countries of authoritarian governments, and a struggle to establish a new kind of democracy, has now officially become an...

Living in denial: US policy & Egypt’s military coup
John L. Esposito
Al Jazeera English
The US must acknowledge that the overthrow of an elected government, replaced by military-appointed officials, is a coup.

Law & Order Under Egypt's 'Democratic Coup'?
John L. Esposito & John O. Voll
Huffington Post
The killing of 51 unarmed supporters of the MB at prayer by the military on July 7 raises serious questions about the future of Egypt's "coup for democracy."

Egypt's Coup: Is it Déjà vu All Over Again?
John L. Esposito
Huffington Post
Will the scenes of tens of thousands celebrating in Tahrir Square today prove a pyrrhic victory for Egypt's experiment with democracy? What are the lessons that must be learned in moving forward?

New Threat to Egyptian Democracy
John L. Esposito
Huffington Post
The calls for mass mobilization on June 30th threaten the democratic process and its future in Egypt.

Tony Blair misreads Muslim terrorism
John L. Esposito
Washington Post
The Boston Marathon bombings (April 15, 2013) and the Woolwich, UK attack and murder (May 22, 2013) are grim reminders not only of the continued threat from militant religious extremists but also of the need and importance for political and religious lead

Egypt: Difficult Challenge For US Policymakers Post-Arab Spring
John L. Esposito
The Middle East Monitor
Like a political tsunami uprisings swept across much of the Arab world, toppling in rapid succession the entrenched autocratic regimes of Zeinul Abedin Ben Ali in Tunisia, Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, Muammar Qaddafi in Libya and Ali Abdullah Saleh in Yemen.

Egypt: Difficult Challenge For US Policymakers Post-Arab Spring
John L. Esposito
The Middle East Monitor
Like a political tsunami uprisings swept across much of the Arab world, toppling in rapid succession the entrenched autocratic regimes of Zeinul Abedin Ben Ali in Tunisia, Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, Muammar Qaddafi in Libya and Ali Abdullah Saleh in Yemen.

'Francis, Rebuild My Church': Will Pope Francis Heed the Call?
John L. Esposito
The Huffington Post
While no one knows what the future will bring, Pope Francis has hit the ground running in projecting the spirit, image and personality that may well make him a much-needed, though at times controversial, bridge within Catholicism

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Faculty In The News

Under Egypt President Sisi, World Famous Muslim University Al-Azhar Faces Global Backlash
Featuring John L. Esposito
International Business Times

Orwellian Times in Egypt: A Conversation with Emad Shahin
Featuring Emad Shahin
Denver University Center for Middle East Studies

Islamic Revivalism (video lecture)
Featuring John O. Voll
KU Leuven Gülen Chair for Intercultural Studies

Not ‘brainwashed': American women who converted to Islam speak out
Featuring Yvonne Haddad
Headlines View
When an American convert to Islam was revealed as the wife of the dead Boston bombing suspect, Lauren Schreiber wasn’t surprised at what came next.

Islam: Religion of Peace or Font of Terror?
Featuring John L. Esposito
The recent murders of civilians in Paris, Nigeria, Iraq, Pakistan and other places around the world by those claiming to defend the Islamlic religion have, for many people, raised once again the question of whether Islam itself to blame for such violence or whether the faith has been hijacked by extremists. 

Why Radical Islam Doesn’t Represent All Muslims (video)
Featuring John L. Esposito
The Alan Colmes Show
Dr. Esposito told Alan that what those involved in the attacks believe are not what the majority of Muslims in the world believe.

Does Islam Really Forbid Images Of Muhammad?
Featuring John L. Esposito
Huffington Post: Religion
Muslims the world over have strongly condemned Wednesday’s terrorist attack against the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, in which 12 people were killed by masked gunmen.

Books of the year 2014: The best books on religion
Featuring Jonathan Brown
The Independent
Jonathan Brown, meanwhile, takes apart much-abused notions about what “Islam says”, by separating what Muslims believe to be the word of God – the Koran – from a mass of sayings attributed to the Prophet, known as Hadiths. 

Shireen Hunter of Georgetown Univ. discusses Iran nuclear talk (video)
Featuring Shireen Hunter
CCTV America

Professor Shireen Hunter Discusses The History of Islam in Iran
Featuring Shireen Hunter
The Washington Report for Middle East Affairs
Prof. Shireen Hunter discusses her new book, which explores the role of religion in Iranian politics.

Lawmaker Appeals From Hospital for World to Save Yezidis
Featuring John L. Esposito
Vian Dakheel grabbed the world’s attention with her urgent appeals at Iraq’s parliament to prevent a genocide of her people.

Esposito to assess globalization’s impact on Islam
Featuring John L. Esposito
The Chautauqua Daily
Religion is like rock ‘n’ roll, said John Esposito — it’s here to stay.

Misquoting Muhammad: The Challenge and Choices of Interpreting the Prophet’s Legacy by Jonathan AC Brown 
Featuring Jonathan A.C. Brown
The Sunday Times UK

Yezidis Aided by Obama Have Long History of Persecution in Iraq
Featuring John L. Esposito
Business Week
The Iraqi mountain community that President Barack Obama is racing to defend is numbered in the tens or hundreds of thousands, with roots in the 12th century and a history of persecution.

ISIS Declaration Of Islamic Caliphate May Fail To Gain Legitimacy
Featuring John L. Esposito
International Business Times
The leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria says his group has achieved its goal of establishing a caliphate, an Islamic state run according to Shariah law.

What Is A Caliphate? ISIS Declaration Raises Questions
Featuring John L. Esposito
Huffington Post
The militant group Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), also known as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), has declared that it is restoring the Islamic Caliphate, renaming itself as simply the Islamic State (IS) and naming leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as Caliph.

Q&A with Islamic studies scholar John L. Esposito
Featuring John L. Esposito
Oklahoma News
Islamic studies scholar John L. Esposito, a recent keynote speaker for an Oklahoma City event, discusses his career and interest in Islamic studies.

Woman Rights In Islam
Featuring Yvonne Haddad
Iraqi Cultural Center Youtube Channel

Containing Iran Helps Putin's Russia
Featuring Shireen T. Hunter
Payvand Iran NewsNot long after the outbreak of the crisis over Ukraine and Crimea, many observers began asking the following question: what impact could renewed Russo-Western tensions have on the fate of the ongoing negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program?

Pakistan strains Iran's patience
Featuring Shireen T. Hunter
Asia Times Online
On February 6, five border guards in Iran's southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchistan were abducted by the terrorist group Jaish al-Adl (the Army of Justice).

Will Turkey become the new Pakistan? featuring John L. Esposito
Can Erimtan
Russian RT News
As Turkey is now slowly approaching the first centenary of the Republic's foundation on 29 October 1923, some critics appear to fear that the country has assumed an outlook most incongruous with the legacy of Atatürk.

Islamists Have Failed to Deliver featuring John L. Esposito
Parvez Ahmed
the Huffington Post
The military coup against the duly elected government of Egypt was without doubt a blow to democracy.

Islamic Calendar 2013 in Toronto Closed by Ummah Identity Crises Conference featuring John L. Esposito
Tahir Gora
The Huffington Post Canada
The year 2013 in Toronto closed by a high profile Islamic event called "Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference - RIS".

The U.S. Cannot Provide Absolute Security for Its Middle East Allies
Shireen T. Hunter
the Huffington Post
The signing of the interim agreement between Iran and the 5+1 countries over Iran's nuclear program produced a very slight and, lately, dimming glimmer of hope that a process of r econciliation between Iran and the U.S. can begin sometime in the future.

The US-Iran Deal Could Lead to a More Stable Middle East and South-West Asia
Shireen T. Hunter
the Huffington Post
In all the commentary about the reasons why the U.S. and Iran succeeded in reaching an agreement, albeit interim, on Iran's nuclear program, the main reason has been ignored.

Islamist Gate: Interview with Professor John L. Esposito
Islamist Gate Staff
Islamist Gate
Islamist Gate conducted an email interview with world-renowned scholar Professor John L. Esposito.

Book Announcement: The Oxford Handbook of Islam and Politics
Edited by John L. Esposito and Emad El-Din Shahin
Oxford University Press
Provides a comprehensive analysis of what we know and where we are in the study of political Islam

Esposito slams Islamophobia in Egypt
World Bulletin
Prof. John L. Esposito criticized those who avoid questioning the legitimacy of the Egyptian coup out of fear of an Islamist government.

For Arab World's Christians, An Uncertain Fate
As Egypt plunges into unrest amid the military-backed government's crackdown on demonstrators, the country's Christian minority has been targeted by Islamic extremists.

Al-Jazeera America faces steep climb among U.S. viewers
Brian Pello
Religion News Service
Al-Jazeera and America, two name brands often at odds since 9/11, were wed as one on Tuesday (Aug. 20) when the Qatar-based media network began broadcasting its U.S. news channel Al-Jazeera America from New York.

Newshour: The Latinos turning to Islam
Featuring John L. Esposito
BBC World Service Radio
With more than 50 million hispanics living in the US, the Latino community is now the country's biggest minority.

Updated: Experts reflect on Egypt's turmoil
Featuring John L. Esposito
Aljazeera English
A cross section of Middle East analysts discuss the implications of the latest wave of violence in Egypt.

PBS series ‘Life of Muhammad’ explores diverse opinions of prophet
Menachem Wecker
Religion News Service
The portrait of the Muslim prophet, which emerges from a PBS documentary “Life of Muhammad,” may surprise some American viewers.

Politics fuels a rising sectarian fire
Featuring Shireen T. Hunter
Asia Times Online
In the last few years, there has been a sharp rise in sectarian conflicts involving Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims in the Middle East.

“The Future of Political Islam in Egypt Post-Morsi”
Featuring Jonathan A.C. Brown
Experts in religion, Islam, and trans-Atlantic relations talked the future of Egypt following the military’s removal of President Morsi.

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