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Title: Overcoming Orientalism: Essays in Honor of John L. Esposito

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ACMCU is pleased to feature leading scholars of Islamic Studies who co-authored Overcoming Orientalism: Essays in Honor of John L. Esposito, edited by Tamara Sonn, a festschrift honoring the work and legacy of Professor John L. Esposito.

The contributors follow Esposito’s lead, stressing the profound commonalities among religions and replacing Orientalist discourse with holistic analyses of the complex historical phenomena that affect developments in all societies. In addition to chapters focusing on diversity among Muslims and interfaith relations, this collection includes chapters assessing the secular bias at the root of Orientalist scholarship, and contemporary iterations of Orientalism:

“Few scholars have so thoroughly contested the stereotyping of Islam and Muslims typical of the Orientalist tradition, so it is fitting that this volume celebrating [Esposito’s] scholarly achievements should contain so many original perspectives on contemporary Muslim movements.” – Juan Cole, Richard P. Mitchell Collegiate Professor of History, University of Michigan


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